Avionics for Experimental Aricraft




Sorceforge Project




EFIS is a set of OpenGL components for information display, including:
  • PFD

    • Attitude Indicator w/ Std Turn and Stall Bank Angle Markers, and Course and Glideslope Deviation
    • Airspeed w/ future airspeed markers
    • Altitude w/ future airspeed markers
    • Instantaneous Vertical Speed w/ Glideslope VS Marker
    • Angle of Attack
    • (Not all features are shown in the screenshot above.
  • Horizontal Situation Indicator w/ a moving map underlay based on GPS data

  • Engine
    • RPM
    • Manifold Pressure
    • Cylinder and Exhaust Tempertures
    • Oil Temperature
    • Oil Pressure
  • Electrical
    • Amperage(s)
    • Voltage(s)
  • Fuel
    • Fuel Level(s)
    • Fuel Valve Position
    • Fuel Pressure
    • Fuel Flow
  • Airdata
    • Temperature
    • Dewpoint
    • Density Altitude (w/takeoff distance estimate)
    • True Airspeed
    • Wind Direction and Speed
Work on these components is underway, and they are slated for use in a bigScreen installation in Glasair N59CL.


This project (not yet underway, volunteers welcome) aims to use freely published terrain, airspace, navaid, airport and obstical data to upgrade the EFIS Attitude Indicator with a 3d forward view.


navMap (not yet underway, volunteers welcome) is an upgrade to the EFIS Horizontal Situation Indicator by adding a moving map underlay based on data published by GPS recievers.


More ambitious than navMap, movingMap (not yet underway, volunteers welcome) is meant to be a stand alone map, requiring only position information from the GPS reciever. movingMap is intended to present a more complete situation display on a primary monitor, and to run as a full screen passenger information display on a secondary monitor.


A whopping big, sunlight readable lcd display, computer, and associated software for use as a primary or auxiliary EFIS.


basicData is a small, low cost system that provides the basic engine/airframe data required for safe flight.  It is independent from other systems, capable of acting as primary information, or providing a backup to other systems.  Using a BasicStamp on a custom board and a small lcd, basicData fits in 2" of radio rack space, and presents the following:
  • RPM
  • Manifold Pressure
  • 2 Fuel Levels
  • Fuel Pressure
  • Oil Pressure
  • Oil Temperature
  • Battery Voltage   
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