Avionics for Experimental Aricraft




Sorceforge Project



Operating System and Development Software

  • Trolltech - Developers of Qt, a cross-platform development environment, and of Qtopia, an embedded windowing system.  The primary display project uses Qt/X11.
  • OpenGL - A 3d graphics language, used in conjunction with Qt to develop the display interface.  Subsets of OpenGL are being developed for use in DO-178 level flight certified software.
  • Linux - Several commercial distributions are available.  The most prevalent is RedHat.  GenToo and Debian are well suited to building stripped down systems suited for our needs.  Several embedded distributions are under development, with the field changing so quickly you are best off trying a google search on 'embedded linux'.
  • COMEDI - Linux drivers for common data aqusition equipment.
  • Windows - Don't laugh, UPS's gorgeous MX20 runs Windows.  There are several versions intended for embedded applications based on NT, 2000, XP and CE.  That said, Microsoft wants big money for the development system, and more at run-time.
  • LabVIEW - National Instruments LabVIEW is a very complete, very flexible development system.  It's expensive, but if you need to develop a data aquisiton and display system quickly, and you are getting paid or paying for work, it's a great value.


  • EPIA M Series - The embedded motherboard behind the bigScreen project.
  • Innova - High brightness AMLCD displays.
  • CrossBow - Supplier of a high end General Aviation AHRS
  • National Instruments - Data aquisition gear (LabVIEW or the COMEDI drivers needed for Linux)
  • IOTech - Data aquisition gear, some Linux drivers available
  • Data Translation - Data aquisition gear
  • LabJack - Low cost USB Data aquisition
  • EBay - The source for affordable gear of all kinds.  A recent examples: a barely used National Instrument 6031E (32 channel A/D board, $2195 retail) purchased for $400.


Commercial Systems

Other Projects

  • GRASS - An open source GIS project.
  • OpenAvionics - An alternative sourceforge project
  • EFIS - Another alternative sourceforge project
  • Autopilot - A UAV helicopter control sourceforge project
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